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Animation services

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Script writing

Script writing is a service we provide to those whom don’t have the time or resources to create and generate a script. Our professional copy writers will make short work and produce easy to follow scripts. Getting them ready for production.

Story boarding

Story boarding helps as build a visual picture based off a script and dialogue. The storyboard helps the animators build and prep the scenes required and work out the best composition for a shot that will be added to the animation. Our illustrators will illustrate the key moments in the scenes.

Scene development

Scenes are important to the creation of the animation. This is the environment, the backgrounds, modeling of certain objects, texturing as well as lighting the scene to give your animation the look it needs

Character development

From concept through to design, rigging and animation. Creating custom animated characters is fun. Especially if it’s of someone you know. Create animated characters to help promote your business or service. Or perhaps you have a cool story you want animated. Bring character into your characters.

Product development

Have a product that needs to feature in a cool way that photography or film fall short? Get your products animated to show off some cool marketing for the brand and products. Also capture realistic product renders. From product renders, to rendered out food, and epic effects added.


TV and broadcast need some epic animations to help promote the show that’s featured. From animated open sequences, straps/ lower thirds, holding plates, slides, transitions, squeeze backs, closing logo, and more

Branding animation

Branding is a very important and curtail part to any brand or company. It is its public appearance. Along with branding goes marketing. This could require a range of animations to support the brand such as animated logos, branding videos, explainer animations, product animations, info graphics and endless marketing animations to promote a business.

Web/online animation

As we know, almost everyone is on line. There is a huge audience online. Animations are quite effective in the online space. Promoting businesses, awareness, entertainment and information. Animation for fills all these aspects. So, weather you want a funny animated gif loop or an amazing animated loop for a web banner and so on

Event animations

Some live events may require some amazing visual to take place weather its projected or played on a screen. Some are as sweet as a video loop to play at a wedding or other occasion, animated invites are quite cool. Giving your invite a more dynamic edge. Making it more engaging. Events also include presentational slides, and campaign awareness.

Post production/editing

Post production Is the final mix for a video production, this is where audio and visual line up, as well as cutting the scenes together to create and build the final video export file. Music, voice overs and audio mixing is outsourced content