What we do

VisualFx Creative Group. is a multimedia design agency that specializes in a wide range of design implementation. From personal use through to major brand development. 

We have the creative touch that will transform your world. We believe in the collective collaboration of the most creative minded people to render top end designs. Pushing the creative edge. Constantly innovating and adapting.


We cover a range of creative service categories

Media Design

• Illustration


• Graphic design

• Print layout design

• Web safe design

• Brand design

• Product design

• Conceptual design

• Website development

• App development


• Story Boarding

• Character conception

• Set design

• Lighting

• Texturing

• Stop frame animation

• 2D animation

• 3D animation

• CGI/ Special Effects/ After effects

• Editing

• 3D models

• 3D printing

Fine Art

•Hand drawn illustration

• Sketching

• Portraits

• Conceptual sketching

• Character drawing

• Caricature drawings

• Painting

• Sculpting

• New age art forms

• Public Art gallery


• On Site

• Off Site

• Group 

• Individual

• Product stills

• Brand

• Stock images

Video Production

• On Site

• Off Site

• Product

• Brand

• Show pilots

• Music Videos

• Editing

• Stock videos

Master Charlie

• Clothing Brand

• Products

• Private Lessons

• Charity or NPO sponsorship

What we can do for you

Our main focuse is on you and what you need.

Personal Needs

You might just be the average person, that need some creative assistance with a project or creative request.

Professional Needs

Weather you own a large organization that needs to maintain its corporate image and keep up with the branding requirements and modern trends when it comes to branding and corporate design. Or if you are a start up business that requires a brand to begging with. We have you covered from your logo to your website and we can support you in your marketing campaigns. Boosting your brand or your business. giving it the creative yet professional edge.

Branding Needs

Do you have a product or a brand? Does it look flat and lame? We can help boost the appeal of your brand or product. Supporting its journey in the markets. Don’t let your brand be an eye source to the public’s eye.

Other Creative Needs

We Support all forms of creativity, and unlocking the creative potential in people. We love art and creative cultures as they are what influence us to innovate in the creative space. Educating and developing skills through creativity.