“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ― Pablo Picasso

What are you interested in?


Custome animations. From storyboard through to final render. Animations for your business or your dynamic content


Creative design , art, illustrations and more. Creative skills to render the best result in contemporary art


Latest projects feaatured using Behance online portfolio. Showcasing our lastes projects and creativity

Online store

Online store, Shope for art work or design resources. The online store will allow other creatives to exhibit and sell their art work

Project portal

NOT YET ACTIVE! Thee client portal will allow clients and staff memebers to track and monitor their projects online. Login will be required

Creative Group

NOT YET ACTIVE! The creative group will allow collaboration and networking between fellow artests and designders. The group is our people and the skills they bring. Members will have a login

Most popular requests

Animated logos

Animated explainer video

Marketing animation

Who we are

VisualFx Creative Group is a small creative agency. Our passion lies in creating beautiful visuals and inspiring true creative potential in our young and passionate artists. Creating an environment where artists can work together in a supportive system and environment to increase their love, passion and skill in creative application, our agency is small but relies on our outsourced skills to provide professional work for our clients. This allows us to expand and contract on work flow.

What we do

Our company is comprised out of the following divisions; Animation, Creative, Store, Project portal, Creative House and our Gallery. Animation is our focus when it comes to VisualFx Creative Group. Animation is quite involved and has its variations of services such as, Script writing, Story boarding, Scene development, Character development, Product rendering, TV/Broadcast content, Brand animation, Web/online animation, Event animation, Postproduction.  Our Creative division supports a wide range of other forms of creativity such as Graphic design, Illustration, Fine art, Photography, Videography. Our store will feature awesome designs, T-shirts and other products, tools and resources that will be available online for purchase. The online store corresponds well with the Creative House where creatives have a space to feature themselves under the VisualFx Creative Group banner. The Creative house offers more than just an awesome platform to network and showcase epic wok. It is also a place where artists can collaborate on projects together and share resources. Projects can be viewed at the Project portal which will showcase all the existing projects on the go. Featuring the team members dude dates and tasks. Clients will have access to their projects to monitor the progress and draw reports, estimate handover dates, and budget application. Project managers will ensure the right team is in place and the mile stones are met.

When it started

The story of VisualFx Creative Group started out in the back of my sketch pad as a concept for a business. After collage whilst working full time VisualFx was just a seedling planted in the ground, which would emerge into a freelance business in 2010. VisualFx Creative Group was registered in 18 February 2014, as a full design company, now it was time for VisualFx Creative Group to grow it roots firmly into the ground, later divided its intentions to its focus groups in 2017, where VisualFx Creative Group shifted its perception and its goals.

Where to find us

Born and bred VisualFx Creative Group is a proudly south African business, our place of business is situated in the quiet suburbs of Benoni. We would like to see the company grow and reach into other regions in this beautiful country.

Why do we do it

It’s simple really, we love animation and creativity. And most importantly we love working and empowering people around us. Opening doors for creative individuals alike. There is nothing better than waking up motivated to collaborate and do what you love.

How we do it

We have a flexible business model, that allows us to expand and contract depending on the flux in demand. Our skills/resources are all outsourced. We have a record of trusted suppliers to deliver high end production and work ethic.  Building a community of creative minds. It all starts by a client’s request for a certain project to be created or developed. We will then put together the right team on your project that will each contribute in their own unique way. Collaborating on the client’s project together. A final product will be uploaded to a temporary cloud storage system where the client will be able to download the final project and its files. Clients and team members also have the project portal to track and monitor an existing project.


Lourens Charles Botes

Nick Name: Master Charlie

Role: Director and owner

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Skill: Animation design illustration creative

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