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“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali



Production is quite involved and has its variations of services.

Script writing

Story branding

Scene development

Character development

Product development

Live TV/Broadcast content






Production is quite involved and has its variations of services such as;

Script writing

Story boarding

Scene design & creation

Character design & creation

Product design & rendering

Broadcast content


Wright up

Photo editing

Video editing

Final mix

Creative Group

The Creative house offers more than just an awesome platform to network and showcase epic wok. It is also a place where artists can collaborate on projects together and share resources. Projects can be viewed at the Project portal which will showcase all the existing projects on the go. Featuring the team members dude dates and tasks. Clients will have access to their projects to monitor the progress and draw reports, estimate handover dates, and budget application. Project managers will ensure the right team is in place and the mile stones are met.

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The Market Place

The online store corresponds well with the Creative Group where creatives have a space to feature them selves and sell their art work under the VisualFx Creative Group banner. Our store will feature:

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Tools & resources.

The Barracks

Memebers and none members of the clan can take part in our intermediate courses to help grow and develop creative skills

Courses included are:

Creative thinking

Design basics

Adobe & linux based application



Fine art



3Ds Max

After Effects

Editing & post production


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Email: [email protected]

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